Getting married isn't just about the ceremony. The actual planning process is just as memorable. This is true when it comes to every detail of your special day, including your wedding-gown selection. When looking for your dress, don't just write the trip off as a regular shopping day; plan the day out like the memorable event it is.

Assemble Your Support Team

Gown shopping isn't the time for yes people. You only want those around you who will offer you their true and honest opinion because they have your best interest at heart. Not only will they tell you when the dress may not be the most flattering, but they will also help you stay on target when it comes to the dress budget that you and your partner have established. Don't feel obligated to bring along anyone who doesn't fit this mold.  

Consider a Mid-Week Shopping Trip

Weekends are a convenient time to visit bridal shops. Unfortunately, this is the same idea most people have. Unless you're visiting an appointment-based store, this can lead to more traffic and stress when shopping. Consider planning your gown-shopping trip during the middle of the week, such as a Tuesday or Wednesday. You will be met with a smaller crowd, have more opportunity for one-on-one interaction with staff, and may be able to get a look at fresh shipments before everyone else.

Make It a Full-Day Event

To add to your memories, make the shopping trip an all-day event. For example, if you plan to visit more than one shop, consider renting a car service to transport you and your loved ones around for the day. You could start the day with a meet-up at your home, where you serve a light breakfast. If time permits, you could even schedule in a lunch mid-day or maybe a quick trip to the salon for manicures. These additions to your day can make it more memorable, fun, and relaxing.

Shop for Today

Most brides have a goal to lose a few pounds before their special day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this goal, but it's best to shop for a dress that fits you today. When you shop for a dress that you believe will fit you in the future, you only stress yourself out, and most importantly, you could end up with a dress that doesn't fit on your wedding day. Remember, it's far easier to take a dress in than it is to let one out.

Make sure you are ready for your special shopping day.